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 MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Program

MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Program is the name created for this program based upon inspiring individual progression, competitiveness, and educational success. MBP stands for 'Most Beautiful Person' within, which is to cultivate individual self-esteem.  It is dedicated in cultivating, nurturing all its participants in progression towards their educational future. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. We want to nurture our future generation towards the success of a healthy mind and body.

Program Evaluation

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 Welcome and congratulations for becoming a participant of the MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Program. As a participant, you can earn scholarship dollars for your future education. This is the beginning of you taking control of your future. At MBP Healthy Living, we understand how important it is for our future generation to obtain a higher education. You are our future and we want to assist you in becoming anything you want to be by supporting you in achieving funding for your education through scholarships. Not only will we support you but your friends and family will also assist you. As you scroll down on this page, we will show you how the program operates and what you need to do in order to maintain your scholarship funds. This will not be the only scholarship you'll ever receive. Instead, earn your future scholarship dollars. Let this program assist you in doing just that. It is a program designed to earn you scholarship dollars for you by you. MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Program will help you achieve future scholarship dollars. Once again congratulations and welcome.



This program is designed to help students create and increase their own scholarship funding. With the assistance of this program, friends and family can play an important role in helping their loved ones achieve their goals in attending college. The main goal for this program is to provide scholarship dollars for every student that becomes a participant. We will do our part first. Every student that becomes a participant automatically receives a $50.00 Scholarship to get them on their way. At MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Program, our motto is scholarships earned for students by students. Therefore it is the responsibility of the students to earn scholarship dollars through the various options that will be discussed later on. The age range for participation is infancy and beyond. At age eighteen, students should be graduating high school and become freshmen at a college of their choice. They can continue to maintain their participation all during their college years to help them earn book money and living expenses. That is why it's very important to start at an early age in this program in order to achieve the most of what the program has to offer.


 Scholarship Earning Potential


     Scholarship Earning Potential
Option 1) Annual Report Card all B's or better automatically earn you $50.00 towards your scholarship

Option 2) Recruitment/Referal's: refer a  friend, relative, classmate can earn you $50  towards your scholarship

Option 3) Community Service: Volunteer 120 hours of your time to a non-profit organization of your choice and earn up to $400

Option 4) Donations: Mom/Dad,Grandma/Grandpa, Aunt/Uncle, friends, relatives can donate from $1.00 or more towards your scholarship

Option 5) Participant Fundraising:  participant can choose a jewelry item that may cost $2.00 per item and when bought in bulk of 10 items per pack equals $20.00. The participant can then sell their item at a mark-up of $5.00 per item of which they receive a $3.00 profit.

Option 6) Scholarship Passport: earn $500 in scholarship dollars(see rules)

Option 7) Students can earn $10.00 per month just by 
                    logging in on this website. 
(please read the rules)
Option 8) Children's Corner: By answering any of the questions correctly, students can earn up to $75.00.

Option 9) Annual Activity: when there is a year of activity on a participants account, they can earn up to $50, $75 or $100 towards their scholarship account. 

  Potential Grand Total Earning for a month= $725 towards your scholarship. $725 for 12 months = $8,700 and $8,700 x 4 years=$34,800 towards your scholarship. The amount of earning potential is limitless. You can use one option or all nine in one month, the choice is up to You!

Note: For the example on option four, figure used; 10 people donates $1.00-$10.00. For the example on option 5, item chosen is jewelry (optional), figures used is based upon items bought in bulk and at cost. Option 7, used full dollar amount as if all questions were answered correctly.  Option 9, dollar amount used was $100. Figures can be valid. Potential scholarship dollars earned per student will vary based upon individual participation. For example on option 6, total amount $500 has been added at the very end.



Program Rules

There are two main rules to this program. The first rule is your GRADES. It is your responsibility to report your grades each term to the program. You can report your grades via email at mbpscholarshipprogram@gmail.com . Then have your school administrator email us a copy of your actual report card. Make sure you list your full name, scholarship identification number , and the school that you attend along with your grades. Your grades must be submitted no later than one week after you've received them or after term has ended. If it is submitted any later than one week after the term ends, we will not accept them. You must maintain a minimum B average in all subjects. There can not be a failing grade in any subject in any term. If there is a failing grade in any subject for the term, you forfeit your earning potential for the term. What you would actually forfiet is $50.00 towards your scholarship. That is why it's very important to maintain your grades each term. But, that doesn't mean that you can not earn scholarship dollars the other three ways. This rule only apply's to students in grades K-12. This doesn't apply to participants who are already in college. The second rule: As a partcipant,  activity must be maintained on  scholarship accounts by participating in either of the four ways to earn towards your scholarship. If you missed a month by accident, you can double up by using either the donation option or recruitment option. If there is six months of no activity from your account, you will automatically be dropped as a participant. However, if there is some unforseen reason for the inactivity, you can appeal to be reinstated by sending us a letter of your situation or reason for the inactivity.  Enclosed, you have a scholarship identification number listed on a card with your name on it. Protect this card. It is your way of keeping track of how much you've earned so far and that will identify your earnings. It is also the way that we can monitor your earnings as well. It is very important that you report donations and recruitments in your behalf by submitting an email with the individual's  full name, email address, date and the dollar amount they contributed. The forms for donations and recruitment are located on the website under scholarship dollars. Make sure you have your full name and scholarship identification number in the email when you report your earnings. This extra reporting is to ensure accurate reporting and security.


The way to involve friends and relatives in your scholarship funding is to have them donate in your behalf by going to your website at www.mbphealthylivingscholarships.org . It will bring them to the home page of your website. Scroll down to the area where it says 'Scholarship Program' and below is where they can contribute towards your future. Just click on the icon that says 'Scholarship Donations'. Here is where a friend or family member can donate on your behalf. All donations are filtered to the programs PayPal account. All donations can be accounted for and distributed accurately and accordingly.

Email Address: When a friend/family participant donates on your behalf, you must report their information to us at mbpscholarshipprogram@gmail.com . Make sure that your full name, scholarship identification number, date, their full name, address and dollar amount they've contributed are in this email. The email should look like this:
Name: Jane Doe
Date; January 1, 2010
Scholarship#: 001
Contributor Name: Mr. Simpleton
Address: 101 Simpleton St.
                    Nowhere, Montana 12345
Contribution Amount: $50.00

Also, there is a form located on the scholarship dollars page. The way to access it is to go to
www.mbphealthylivingscholarships.org , in the navigation area located at the top of the home page, click on 'Scholarship Dollars'. That is where you can complete the contribution funds form (CFF) and submit to us. As a participant you will receive your own email address through the program. That will be the primary way we will communicate with you. If you prefer for us to communicate via postal mail, please provide a valid mailing address. Please note, postal mail may take longer for you to receive your information and we will not deliver to a P.O. Box

Monitoring Your Scholarship Dollars

Each participant will have their own scholarship monitoring account online. The way to access it is to go to www.mbphealthylivingscholarships.org, in the navigation area located at the top of the home page, click on ‘Scholarship Dollars’.  Once you’re there, click on your name, it should take you to PayPal, type in your unique name and password and you should be able to review your scholarship account.  Your account is through PayPal where you can monitor your scholarship earnings. Also, a scholarship statement will be sent each month to keep for your records. 


As a participant, our website becomes your website. You will have full access to all pages; especially to your scholarship dollars page where you can keep track of what you're earning so far. The photo gallery page will show all participants of the program. As a participant  your picture will be posted on your website as recognition of being part of the MBP Healthy Living for Youth Scholarship Program. However, if you’re under 18, we do need for you to get permission from your parents to submit a photo along with a small blog about your self to have posted on the website. The permission slip is located at the bottom of this page. As a participant you will be part of our Birthday, Good Student Day and Anniversary program where we send you gifts/surprise’s accordingly.

        Good Student Day can be any day of the week, month or year. It is a day where some one recognizes you for achieving or doing something special; from winning an essay contest, to doing a good deed or community service.  On good student day, if a teacher or fellow classmate recognizes you for something special, please let us know so that we can also participate in your recognition. You will be rewarded. Also, when you become a participant, your friends and family become participants as well. They can assist you in maintaining the flow of your scholarship dollars.  They will be recognized by us as well. For just being a participant, we will send you updates on how to enhance your scholarship dollars. It is very important to us that we maintain a flourishing open communications with all participants. We don’t want you to lose touch in what this program is all about. We want to help you get the most out of this program by keeping you informed. We want you to have fun in this program. Welcome.

Essay Contest

As a participant, you’re automatically eligible to enter in the annual essay contest where you can win $1,000. That would be a cool addition to your scholarship dollars. Also, as long as you’re a participant, you can enter the essay contest as many times as you like to win.  Each year, there will be a new subject that you will write an essay about. The essay must be no more or less than 1,000 to 2,000 words, it must be typed, double spaced and no spelling or grammar errors found. The essays can be emailed to mbpcontest@gmail.com as an attachment or mailed to MBP Healthy Living for Youth Scholarship Program 2126 Lakeview, #195 Ypsilanti MI 48198. We do recommend using both venues and always keep a record of what you send to us.


There are three ways to automatically disqualify your self as a participant. The first one is inactivity on your account. As mentioned earlier,   activity must be maintained on  scholarship accounts by participating in either of the four ways to earn towards your scholarship. If you missed a month by accident, you can double up by using either the donation option or recruitment option. If there is six months of no activity from your account, you will automatically be dropped as a participant. However, if there is some unforseen reason for the inactivity, you can appeal to be reinstated by sending us a letter of your situation or reason for the inactivity. It will be reviewed and a decision will be made as to reinstatement. Note: if your account goes inactive after that, you can not be reinstated again. The second way is if there is reported fraudulence of any kind attached to your account. We do an extensive and accurate count through our affiliate program and Paypal of how monies are to be distributed. Therefore reporting monies to us must be accurate before you submit to us.   Finally, reported false identity of any kind. As a participant, you can only have one scholarship account and scholarship identification number. There can not be multiple accounts under the same individual or assume multiple names. If you’re caught in both instances of reported fraudulence and false Identity, all monies that were not distributed yet will be removed from your account and your participation will automatically be terminated with out the ability of reinstatement.

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The contents of the material reported on this website is subject to change according to the volume of responses received. Rules and regulations are also subject to change based upon participation.

MBP Healthy Living for Youth Scholarship Program
MBP Healthy Living Inc.

355 Woodland Dr.

Edenton, NC 27932
mbpscholarshipprogram@gmail.com (for students)

This organization practices equal opportunity and affirmative action for all under the guidance and regulations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions (EEOC).