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Log in and earn $1.00 towards your scholarship account.  

You can earn $1.00 every time you log into any designated page on this website. The maximum you can earn is $10.00 per month. So if you log in 10 times, you can earn $10.00 towards your scholarship account.


In order to earn funds, you must complete the form below and submit what you've read on the page that you went to. You can only go to that page once per month. You must submit something different each time you log in. So If you log into the contest page and read what the contest page entails, you can earn $1.00. Then you must go to another page if you wish to earn an additional $1.00. Each month that you go to a page, you must submit something different that you've read. You can also use the donation buttons (provided that a donation has been submitted on your behalf) as well as the other icons such as the 'Howtogotocollege' icon. If you go to this icon, you must submit in detail what you've read on the page you went to on this website.  If you use the 'Scholarship Resource Page' and actually go to a scholarship website, you must submit details of what the page entails and if you actually applied for the scholarship. This is another way you can earn your own scholarship dollars.


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Schol Id#:

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Email address:

If you run out of space on the form, you can email the rest of your information to mbpscholarshipprogram@gmail.com. Make sure that your full name and scholarship identification number is added.

The Contents of the material reported on this website is subject to change according to the volume of responses received. Rules and regulations are also subject to change based upon participation. Thank you.


MBP Healthy Living for Youth Scholarship Program
MBP Healthy Living Inc.

355 Woodland Dr.

Edenton, NC 27932
mbpscholarshipprogram@gmail.com (for students)

This organization practices equal opportunity and affirmative action for all under the guidance and regulations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions (EEOC).

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