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Fundraiser Event
Selecting Plants
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Classroom 212
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Back Courtyard










Back to School BINGO!
Saturday, 22nd: Games Begin at 6:30 Pm
Play 14 games of Bingo and win prizes
Tickets are $20.00


Elizabeth City Shrine Club 
Camden NC, 27921
172 Chantilly Road






 Join us on Saturday, November 7th
for a fun filled day of shopping, food & fun.
American Legion
1317 W. Queen St Edenton, NC 27932




Participant Fundraising

     MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Program is dedicated to fundraising for our participants. Our director for fundraising is diligently networking and connecting with our local communities as well as abroad to maintain a constant connection and communication that will award the program with funding that will support our participants as they progress in the program. We are in the process of continuous fundraising on an annual basis with local chapters of the Outer Banks Entrepreneurs, Albemarle, Edenton, OBX, and Tidewater. As a program, our goal is to maintain a fundraising event each month for 12 months. Our objective for the program is to continuously build funding that will support our participants as they progress in the program. However we will not lose the main objective of this program which is allowing the student to participate in their own efforts for fundraising.  The motto for this program is ‘Scholarships Earned for Students by Students’. Keeping in pace with our motto, we’ve set up a unique program where participants can increase their scholarship dollars through individual fundraising.

       The way this program works is that we will provide products for our participants to buy at wholesale and sell it for a profit. Whatever is earned by the participant, they keep. The profits earned by the participant will be collected and deposited into their scholarship account. This fundraising program will be available to all participants of the program as well as their families. This will allow parents of participants who are underage to participate. This will also encourage families to be more involved in the program as well.  Below there will be an example of how the program functions.

     The program receives their whole sale products from SMC (Specialty Merchandise Company). SMC has a variety of products to choose from and we can purchase in bulk. So a participant can choose a jewelry item that may cost $2.00 per item and when bought in bulk of 10 items per pack equals $20.00. The participant can then sell their item at a mark-up of $5.00 per item of which they receive a $3.00 profit.

Jewelry Bought whole sale @ $2.00 per item

10 Items per pack = $20.00 Invested

Sold At $5.00 per item X 10= $50.00-$20.00invested=$30.00 profit

If the participant sells all 10 items they will gain a $30.00 profit.  So imagine if a participant bought $60.00 worth and sold out of all items. Their profit would be $90.00.  The potential to building scholarship dollars is endless.  Participant fundraising events will be scheduled during the course of a school year since this program is based upon earning scholarship dollars. The program will try to provide a fundraising event twice with an academic year.


Program Rules

    There are a few steps that must be adhered to ensure that all funds profited by the participants fundraising efforts are deposited into their scholarship account, 1) Contractual Agreement: There will be a signed contract between the program, the participant and parents to validate their responsibilities as participants in this program.  It will be their responsibility to submit their profits to the program. 2) Submission of Monetary Funds: At the end of the fundraising event, an envelope will be given to each participant to enclose a cashier’s check or money order. The funds must be written out to MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Program or MBPHLYSP, along with the participants full name and scholarship identification number and mailed to 2126 Lakeview Suite 195 Ypsilanti, MI 48198 in order for the funds to be deposited directly into the participants scholarship account. In return, a receipt will be mailed to the participant in acknowledgement of funds received and posted directly on to their scholarship account. 3) Personal Checks: The program will not accept personal checks. 4) Fraudulence: All funds earned from a fundraising event must be accounted for and deposited. Based upon the amount of products bought by participant and according to what was sold can be determined what profit was made. The program has an extensive monitoring process in place that can track each participants funding. If there is any fraudulence found during our monitoring process, the participant will be terminated from the program permanently. If there are any fraudulent activities found with participants and parents, the individual participant and parent will be terminated from the program permanently. 5) Participation: Participants that are under the age of 18 must have their parent or guardian assist them with their fundraising efforts. Parents who have participants that are not school age can fundraise on their behalf. As acting participant, all rules apply and all profits must be deposited into the participants scholarship accounts.

Program Benefits

    This program is dedicated to providing participants venues to growing their own scholarship dollars.  It will provide a great learning experience along with earning scholarship dollars.  They will learn the basic concepts of Retail, Wholesale and Sales, Supply and demand, earning potentials, marketing and customer service. These are important marketing/sales and social tools to learn that will assist them in the real world. This program is dedicated to teaching participants every step of the way while they earn their own scholarship dollars.  We want to ensure that all participants and families engage in a wonderful experience that will be educationally profitable as they progress in the program.   
    Welcome to MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Fundraising Program.

Note:  The contents of the material illustrated above is subject to change according to the volume of responses received. Rules and regulations are also subject to change based upon participation.

MBP Healthy Living for Youth Scholarship Program
MBP Healthy Living Inc.

355 Woodland Dr.

Edenton, NC 27932
mbpscholarshipprogram@gmail.com (for students)

This organization practices equal opportunity and affirmative action for all under the guidance and regulations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions (EEOC).

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.