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Frequently Asked Questions



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Q #1: What is MBP Healthy Living Youth Scholarship Program?

Q#2: How much does it cost to participate?

Q #3: How old do you have to be to participate?

Q #4: How does one sign up for the program?

Q #5: How do I report my grades?

Q #6: What if I received a B or better in all of my classes except for gym/music/metal shop etc?

Q #7: What is the purpose for the 'Authorization for End of School Year Grades' form?

Q #8: How can I submit a photo for the community page?

Q #9: How soon will I receive my $50.00 scholarship once I sign up?

Q #10:How does the 'Scholarship Donation' button work?

Q #11: How do you know which participant receives scholarship dollars?

Q #12:How can friends and family participate?

Q #13: Once a participant graduates from High School, how would they receive their scholarship funds?

Q #14: What happens to the funds earned by a participant who chooses not to attend a post secondary school?

Q #15:What does CFF stands for and its purpose?

Q #16:In what account are funds deposited for the participants that earn scholarship dollars?

Q #17: How do you earn a $1.00 towards your own scholarship account?

Q #18:what are the 5 options for earning scholarship dollars?

Q #19: Can any one participate in the essay contest?

Q #20: When will a participant know if and when they have won the essay contest?

Q #21: Can participants or parents change their scholarship password?

Q #22: Do parents have access to the participants scholarship account?

Q #23: Are participants guaranteed scholarship funds?

Q # 24: Can participants earn outside scholarships while doing this program?

Q #25: Are participants guaranteed financial aid through this program?

Q #26: Is there interest accruing on the amount deposited in the scholarship accounts?

Q #27: Can participants use their funding other than for education?

Q#28 How can parents recruit for their children?

Q #29 How can parents earn additional scholarship dollars for their children

Q #30 Can students and family be disqualified to participate in program?

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MBP Healthy Living for Youth Scholarship Program
MBP Healthy Living Inc.

355 Woodland Dr.

Edenton, NC 27932
mbpscholarshipprogram@gmail.com (for students)

This organization practices equal opportunity and affirmative action for all under the guidance and regulations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions (EEOC).

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