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This Recruiting concept is considered a "Pay It Forward" process.

There are four steps for the recruitment process for parents. They are;
1) A parent can recruit another parent with children under school age (includes Kindergarten) 
2) The parent being recruited must sign their children to the program.
3) The parent being recruited must purchase a product from the programs website on the behalf of the parents child of whom is recruiting. 
4) The parent being recruited must complete the Contribution Funds Form (CFF) (located on the Scholarship Dollars Page) so the parent of the child that's recruiting can receive the credit.

Recruitment Benefits:

1) Child of Parent A will receive 50% earned by us,from the purchase that was made on their behalf. 
2) Child of Parent A will also receive $25.00 towards their scholarship account on top of receiving 50% that was earned by recruiting.

Example: Parent A Recruits Parent B; parent B signs their child to the program. Parent B purchases a product worth $50.00 from Smart Living Company (SLC). $25.00 goes to the program and that other $25.00 goes towards the child of Parent A scholarship account. For recruiting a parent, the child of Parent A will also receive an additional $25.00 from the program.

Good luck on recruiting.