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Parents can earn any where from $50.00 to $100.00 annually when they maintain activity on their children's scholarship accounts for an entire year. Here's how it works.

1) If a parent makes a donation every month for a year, they can earn $50.00

2) If a parent makes a combination of donation and purchases every month for a year, they can earn $75.00 6/6; 6 donations/6 purchases

3) If a parent makes a purchase every month for a year, they can earn $100.00

Note: To earn the combination, there must be 6/6; six months of donations and six months of purchases. Donations must be $10.00 or more, purchases must be $25.00 or more and friends and family can participate in the earnings. The year begins on the anniversary of the participants enrollment. The program has one (1) year or less to of the participants anniversary to add the awarded funds.